Convince Your Boss

Need help convincing your boss that you should attend Basware Connect 2019? We've created a letter to help you create a case for attending. Simply fill in the blanks and you will have all the evidence you need for a compelling argument. You can either fill out the form below to receive the template as a plain text email, or simply copy and paste into a blank email.


To receive a copy of the template as a plain text email use the form below:


Copy and Paste this text into your own email and add your own spin. Some re-formatting may be needed when you copy and paste.

Hi {insert supervisors name},

I would like your approval to attend Basware Connect 2019 in Chicago, IL from April 23-25th, 2019. This event is an inspirational and thought-provoking conference exploring the latest trends in Finance, Accounts Payable and Procurement with a focus on the Future of Finance.

Connect 2019 will feature 2-days of sessions that will teach me actionable new tactics and help me continue to improve my skills in {insert: skills you will learn}.

At Connect 2019, there will be over 200 attendees who are focused on the same challenges as me. I’m excited for the opportunity to learn more from my industry peers so that I can come back and apply that knowledge to projects like {insert: a project you are working on}.

Going to Basware Connect will allow me to take a step back and focus on the big picture of how I can develop my skills and become better in my role, as well as the new strategies we can start applying now to elevate our entire business. Specifically, here’s what I’m planning to accomplish at the conference:

  • {Insert: Goal 1}
  • {insert: Goal 2}
  • {insert: Goal 3}

When I get back from Connect, I will share takeaways with the team, including ones that we can implement immediately and an action plan for how we'll make that happen.

I've broken down approximately how much it will cost for me to attend:

  • Airfare/Travel: {insert cost of airline ticket}
  • Hotel: {= #of nights x$249}
  • Meals: {insert cost of meals during travel to/from event}. All other meals are covered during the conference. 
  • Event Registration: $995 *reach out to your customer success rep for an exclusive discount code
  • TOTAL: {insert total cost}

You can also learn more about the event at

Thanks for taking the time to review this request, and I look forward to talking to you more about it.


{Insert: Your Name}

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April 23-25, 2019 | Chicago, IL

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