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Winning the peace: Is now the time to change our system?


In this stimulating webinar Bertrand Badré, former Managing Director and CFO of The World Bank, joins Martti Nurminen, Basware's CFO, to discuss;

  • The challenges of COVID-19 we are having address both at macro level and specifically amongst CFOs
  • How prepared we were for this pandemic both from economic and amongst private enterprise?
  • And what we need change to deliver a positive exit from this crisis 

This is thought leadership content designed to inspire and make you think about what you need to do today but also begin to reflect on the path out of this crisis. 

More on Bertrand

Bertrand brings unique insight having been Group Chief Financial Officer of Crédit Agricole Group during the global financial crisis of 2007/2008. He played a critical role in crisis management throughout that period, reshuffling financial communication and leading communications with authorities, clients, shareholders, mutual stakeholders.

His most recent book is titled Money Honnie: Si la finance sauvait le monde? (Money Honnie: What if money saved the world?) with a foreword from Gordon Brown, former prime minister of the UK. In it, Badré details his experience during the 2007/2008 financial crisis and how he suggests we should "reboot the system." The English version of the book, Can finance save the world? Regaining control over money to serve common good, has been prefaced by the president of France, Emmanuel Macron