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Cleaning Up Your Supply Chain

Sami Peltonen, VP of P2P Solutions at Basware, explores what effective supplier management looks like,  why it’s its importance is at an all-time high and the challenges businesses face without robust supplier information and risk management practices in place.

June 3rd

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Determining Your Future Tech Strategy

Magnus Bergfors, VP European Research and Lead Analyst from Spend Matters, shares his expert opinion on procurement technology and why the procurement sector is turning away from the singular S2P suite and instead engaging multiple platforms in an ecosystem approach.

June 10th

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Evolve your Business Strategy

Winning The Peace: Is Now the Time to Change the System?

Hear Bertrand Badre, former MD of World Bank, and Martti Nurminen, Basware's CFO. Discuss the challenges of COVID-19 and how we need to change the way we do business in a post-crisis era.

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Visible Commerce: Making Better Business and Making Business Better

Hear Basware's vision for how you can harness your P2P data to positively impact not only your businesses but wider society as a whole.

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Benchmark your source-to-pay performance against the best

PWC presents it's latest survey data on S2P Maturity and Basware explains its 7 step approach to driving increased automation.

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Finance and procurement – a fine romance or the best of enemies?

Basware experts discuss how you can take steps towards maximizing process efficiency through automation & the alignment of procurement and finance departments. 

Futureproof your Finance Roles

3 Steps to Transform AP Pain into Peak Performance

Learn how to identify and prioritize your AP pain, convert it into actionable goals and find vendors who can help you achieve them.

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Machine Learning in Practice

How does RPA work and how can you use this technology to propel your organization forwards.

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The Lastest Procurement & Sourcing Trends

Raising the Bar in eProcurement

What defines a superior eProcurement platform? And what should you be looking for to stay ahead of the competition?

Power your Source-to-Pay with Insightful and Predictive Analytics

Take your source-to-pay (S2P) to the next level by using your data to gain a competitive advantage.

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What's Your Procurement Persona?

Learn how how to choose P2P technology based on your needs with Spend Matters.